Ludacris Covers Grocery Bill for Atlanta Widow

A Georgia woman got the surprise of a lifetime when rapper, Ludacris, paid her grocery bill in an Atlanta Whole Foods.

Therra Jaramillo was shopping at Whole Foods when she realized she didn’t have enough money on a gift card a friend had given her to complete her purchase. The man in line ahead of her, instead, offered to pay the entire grocery bill.

Jaramillo was blown away by this strangers’ kindness, and shared her experience on Facebook.

She wrote, “While in line, I was so tired and the food for my pets kind of ended up in with the stuff of the guy ahead of me on the conveyor belt. ‘Whoa,’ I said to the very pretty cashier, ‘Oh no, sorry, that’s mine. So sorry.’”

The man in front of her replied, “I might as well get it.”

“He wanted to buy food for my pets. I even clumsily tried to stop the cashier at a certain amount, because the gift card was for $250 and I had gone way over, which at Whole Foods is far too easy to do,” she wrote.  “I was out of a lot of things at home and I hadn’t added things in my head correctly.”

He stopped her and said, “I got this.”

Jaramillo said that things were tough for her lately, after losing her husband a few years ago, she was struggling to take care of herself, her rescue animals, and her disabled brother, as a freelance writer. After this shocking encounter, she wants to pay it forward and encouraged her Facebook followers to do the same.

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