Lost Dog Found Underground in a Rabbit Hole

When Sarah Mclellan’s dog, Ralph, went missing recently during a walk, she feared the worst. She and her husband spent their weekend searching for their wire-haired Dachshund.

They made posters, posted in Lost Dog Facebook groups, all to no avail.

Miraculously, Edie, Ralph’s sister, sniffed him out while on a walk with Mclellan’s husband on Monday.

Five feet below the surface, Ralph was stuck in a maze of rabbit runs and had to be dug out.

“When he got out the hole he went for a wee – and then carried on as if nothing had happened,” said Mclellan.

He was exhausted and had lost a few pounds, but otherwise, Ralph was just fine.

“He does like chasing rabbits and he does that a lot but he just took it too far this time. Hopefully he has learnt his lesson this time.”

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