The Most Creative Graffiti and Street Art Spotted Around the World

Yes, graffiti and vandalism are frowned upon, but sometimes we think there should be an exception to that rule. Some street art is just so creative that it’s really hard to be mad about it. Take this list for example—we’ve compiled the best of the best when it comes to stellar and downright creative street art.

Is this on Sesame Street?

Somebody’s Watchin’ Me!


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The More You Know

  • Contrary to popular belief, Marilyn Munroe was nowhere near a 'plus' size 12 - 16, she was closer to a US size 0.
  • Coca-Cola consumers will pay more to drink less ounces.
  • You can major in wine at Cornell University.
  • Portland was named by a coin flip. Had the coin landed the other way, the city would be known as Boston, Oregon.
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