London Inventor Creates Real Life ‘Iron Man Suit’

Meet Richard Browning, the next Iron Man.

Just kidding! Well, sort of. This genius inventor from England unveiled his brand new ‘jet suit’ in London in July. No special FX here.

Even more incredible, the suit was made using 3D printed parts, special electronics, and give jet engines. Sounds pretty terrifying and powerful, right? Well, Browning engineered it so you won’t be flying all over the place like those hilarious water jets you see online.

Check out the incredible suit here. It looks pretty flawless!

This suit can get up to 32 miles per hour and go as high as 12,000 feet.

If you want one, be sure to have about $442k laying around. That’s the price to pay if you want to be Iron Man!

When asked ‘why?’, Browning tells CNN the answer is, “Well, I suppose fundamentally it’s I like a challenge.”

Don’t get it wrong, the intention of the suit was not to be Iron Man (although Browning claims he does like that people think that!) It was a challenge for himself to create something iconic and to push himself. He was inspired by his past in the Royal Marines and decided to just go for it.

He tells CNN, ”

“It did become apparent quite early on that actually there were some wonderful parallels […] The Iron Man CGI community that actually did the early films actually reached out to us, joyously, and were very excited to see that it turns out that all their thinking that they’d done around what this might be like, was actually really very accurate.”


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