Lock Haven University Will Allow Pets in Dorms Spring of 2019

Leaving for college is tough on students for a number of reasons. It’s a big change where the familiar gets left behind—among the left behind are our beloved pets.

Another school is joining the list of universities that are now allowing small pets in dorms. Lock Haven University will allow small pets like cats, dogs under 40 pounds, rabbits, hamsters, gerbils, guinea pigs, and fish starting in Spring 2019.

The animals must have lived with the student for three months prior to applying for approval to live in the dorms with them. The application then must be approved, along with submission of a photo and vaccination and spay/neuter records, before the animal may be allowed on campus.

North Hall will be the designated pet-friendly dorm and animals will not be allowed in any other campus buildings.

Residence hall director, Emily Borst, said, “Studies show that students who feel at home on campus are the students that thrive both socially and academically.”

Lock Haven joins the likes of Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Pfeiffer University in North Carolina, and Eckerd College in Florida, with their new pet-friendly approach. Approximately 40 schools in the country allow pets on campus, not including service animals.

Perhaps this is a whole new reason to get yourself a college education, but hey, whatever it takes!

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