Liquor-Infused Ice Cream Now Legal in New York

New Yorkers, like many of us, love ice cream and liquor. They're only human.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo took it upon himself to present a small, near-invisible light in the darkness: liquor-infused ice cream is now legal for consumption in the Empire State.

The legislation was signed on Monday, officially authorizing the manufacture and sale of liquor-infused frozen desserts. The choice was made to help the state's dairy industry, liquor manufacturers, restaurants, and retailers meet an "increasing consumer demand" for ice cream made out of alcohol. Okay, sure. Why not.

Ice cream containing wine, beer, or hard cider was already legal int he state of New York, but now the horizons have finally expanded.

"The craft beverage industry has experienced explosive growth in New York and with that comes a responsibility to advance regulations that help ensure long-term viability, protect consumers and provide farmers with opportunities to increase their business," Gov. Cuomo said in a statement.

The law ensures that boozy frozen desserts may only contain 5% alcohol maximum and will require all the same warning labels as products containing wine, beer, and cider.

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