Lioness Interacts with Little Girl at the Oklahoma City Zoo

A trip to the zoo turned into an unforgettable memory for one little girl in Oklahoma City.

When her family visited the zoo, she couldn’t wait to go see the lion exhibit, little did she know, this would be the highlight of her whole day. The little girl brought her Simba doll from the Disney film, The Lion King, along with her for the day.

This doll turned out to be the reason her day was so extraordinary. As she walked by the glass-walled enclosure, she caught the attention of one of the lioness’ in the pride.

When she noticed the lioness was watching her, she held the doll up to the glass, and the wild cat got really excited.

The lioness sat on her rear paws and placed her front paws on the glass, reaching out towards the Simba doll. This interaction, caught on camera, was a once in a lifetime experience for this little girl.

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