How to Tell If Your Chocolate Is High Quality

Calling all chocolate snobs! Do you know the simple test to see if you’ve got good quality chocolate? Do you know what goes into the best types of chocolate? Or is it all just the same?

If you consider yourself a chocolate connoisseur of types, then you should definitely know this! Don’t get caught in the act of not knowing how high quality the piece of chocolate you are about to enjoy is.

The best way to find out how good your piece of chocolate is is actually really simple. It’s all in the sound! If you snap a piece of chocolate in half, you will be able to hear just how dense with cocoa it really is. The louder the snap, the higher quality it is.

For example, a usual milk chocolate candy bar that is considered low in cocoa will have a really dull snap.

A chocolate bar with more cocoa, over half cocoa usually, will have a higher, deeper snapping sound. It will also be significantly louder!

Try it yourself! Plus, it gives you an excuse to eat some chocolate (not that you need one!)

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