Comedian Tells Story of Almost Wrongfully Going 'Full Crazy Wife' On Her Husband Because of Ring Camera Footage

Sara Buckley is a mom, comedian, and podcast host. She shares many a story on her account @nottheworstmom. She recently had a storytime about her husband go viral.

Buckley explains that she went to the grocery store while her husband was supposed to be at work. She got a notification from their Ring doorbell system that someone was there. When she checked the footage, it was her husband coming home from work.

"On the video, I noticed he answers his phone and it's a woman on the phone and it only plays for a quick second but t here's just something about that woman's voice that seemed... awfully familiar." She was worried because it didn't seem like a "work call." She watched the footage back over and over again, obsessing over who he was talking to. Naturally, thoughts of him cheating entered her mind. 

After a while, it clicked. "Unfortunately, I was right. It definitely wasn't a work call, I was right about that. And it absolutely was a woman who was far too comfortable with my husband because it was f****** me. It was me on the phone."

Whoops! She ended up realizing that the footage was actually from earlier in the day and her phone has just received the notification.

"Glad I double-checked, though," she said.

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