Life-Size Cakes of Jason Derulo are Going Viral on TikTok

Jason Derulo as a cake? This timeline continues to be weird.

"I like to have things as realistic or as true to life as possible," self-taught baker Lara Mason said. Some of these cakes look so realistic, they might as well be mistaken for Maddam Tussauds wax models!

"Some cakes can take four hours, some cakes can take, like, four months," Mason said in an interview with GMA. Mason says that she's more into sculpting than baking, but she ended up making a pretty niche career in the end.

"It's art that you can eat... It makes it better than you can eat it because then it's multi-purpose!"

Mason was commissioned by Disney to make a cake, which is crazy! She's been able to make this niche hobby into a full-time job. Her followers on TikTok also love her work!

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