Kendall Jenner’s Extra Oversized Winter Jacket Is The Perfect Meme

Kendall Jenner is once again at the center of a brand new meme. Honestly, it’s pretty warranted this time.

Vogue France posted a photo of the model posing in a winter jacket… But, it wasn’t just any winter jacket.

We are genuinely curious if this was meant to be a joke. Obviously, the proportions are wack. There’s no way her actual arm is in that sleeve, and that her hand is in that pocket that’s down at her knees, right?

It looks photoshopped, but then we were gifted an actual photoshopped image.

Alright, so now it looks a little more legit… Kind of.

Sometimes, fashion really does go just too far. People did not wait to make jokes.

Hopefully, she recovers from this one fast! Onto the next new look.

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