Keeping Your Furry Friends Safe and Secure During Fourth of July Celebrations

Loud Fourth of July festivities can be pretty frightening for pets. The loud explosions of the fireworks can startle them to the point where they shake or even run away.

To help ease your pet’s anxiety, Humane Society’s around the country recommend keeping your pets in a room with no windows or in their kennels if they are comfortable with using them.

If you already know your pet does not react well to the fireworks, you can also contact your vet for anti-anxiety meds to use for the day.

A good precaution, in the case that your pet wanders off, is to make sure they are micro-chipped prior to the holiday, this way, if they are located by someone else, they can identify its owner and contact you.

Also, before keeping them contained, make sure they get some solid exercise to make it easier for them to fall asleep, too. Cats and dogs can hear much better than humans, so fireworks are that much louder and unpredictable for them.

Keep your pets safe this holiday!

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