Kangaroo Hugs Rescuers Every Day Since She was Saved

When Queen Abigail, aka "Abi," was just five months old, wildlife specialists from the Kangaroo Sanctuary in Australia stepped in to care for the orphaned joey. 

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Queen Abi hugs are the best hugs 🤗 💖

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It's been 12 years since her rescue, but one thing Abi doesn't ever forget is the life-saving efforts of the team who rescued her, and for that, she is always thankful. So thankful, in fact, that she starts each day with a hug from her human family. 

When she was rescued, the specialists cared for her cuts and scrapes and hand-reared her. 

“And [she] is my only kangaroo who comes up and gives a great big rugby tackle cuddle," wrote one of the caretakers on Facebook. 

Videos of Abi's famous hugs went viral back in 2016 and now, in 2019, Abi is still just as happy as she was back then. 

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