John Mayer Shared His Hilarious Take on That "Imagine" Video

By 1 year ago

Last week, Gal Gadot, Kristen Wiig, and many other celebrities recently collaborated on a video during the midst of the coronavirus outbreak. There were mixed reactions from fans, some calling the video "tone-deaf" since these celebrities were all holed up in their large mansions and expansive yards. You might have noticed that John Mayer wasn't among these celebrities. Well, he finally revealed why... 

The soulful songwriter posted an Instagram video addressing the viral video. "I have to come clean about something," he starts, "They actually asked me to be a part of this, and I totally misunderstood the assignment. I thought they wanted me to sing 'Imagine' by Ariana Grande, from her 2019 smash-hit album, Sweetener!" Indeed, Ariana does have a song by that name, but not nearly as iconic as the John Lennon song. 

Of course, John Mayer sings a little bit of the pop hit, coming on screen to croon the lyrics "Me with no makeup, you in the bathtub, bubbles and bubbly." Yeah, that's not exactly what Mark Ruffalo and Jimmy Fallon and the others had in mind. Looks like you dodged a bullet though, John. 

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