Jennifer Garner Celebrates Her Chickens’ “Hatch Day” with Special Cake

Two things that Jennifer Garner loves: cooking and her chickens, but not cooking her chickens.

Garner is the loving mother of quite a few of these feathered friends and really adores them. So much so, that she celebrated their “birthdays” with a special chicken-friendly treat…

Her chickens got quite the treat for their “hatch day” with an extra special bug cake. The “cake” was made of bugs, fruit, spinach… and more bugs.

Garner has been a devoted chicken owner for a while, posting lots of photos to her social media pages with her fine feathered friends. Recently, one of her cherished birds, Regina George, passed away, and she posted a tribute to her on Instagram back in April.

But fear not Garner fans—she’s still working on her craft, too. Recently starring in “Love, Simon” and the upcoming series “Camping,” she’s still proving why she’s a pretty badass mom, actress, and animal lover.

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