It’s Time To Finally Learn What Kombucha Is

You see it on grocery store shelves and in DIY articles on the internet. Maybe you’ve even seen it in a friends fridge but decided to just not ask questions. Well, now, it’s time to learn what kombucha is, and why there’s an entire culture around it.

In plain terms, kombucha is just a sweetened, fermented tea.

It gets much more complicated than that, and if you need it to be completely explained for you just to try the bizarre looking drink, here is your answer.

Let’s get right to it: the bizarre, mushroom looking thing in the drink that probably terrified you into a non-believer, that’s the whole point of the beverage! It’s called a ‘scoby’ and is an acronym for symbiotic cultures of bacteria and yeast. Simple enough.

Yes, it looks weird, but it’s good for you! Isn’t it? The scoby helps aid in detoxing your body and organs, provides antioxidants, and helps your immune system. Basically, it’s good for your gut. Happy gut, happy life.

Just like your beers, kombucha is fermented. People seem turned off by that term because it’s tea, it’s not supposed to be fermented! But that’s where all the good stuff happens, so just get over your pre-conceived notions and drink the weird thing!

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