A Video Of A Lemon Rolling Down A Hill Strikes Hope In People

An unwitting lemon became internet famous when it’s trek down a hill was recorded and posted by a local San Diego photographer.


Mark Sakasegawa was on his way home from a run when he saw a lemon rolling down the hill. The lemon struck a cord with Sakasegawa, and he ended up following the lemon to see where it was going. With over 354K likes, apparently, this is what the people want to see on their Twitter feeds.

After it’s journey, Sakasegawa posted the story, and went home. Then, guilt struck.

The lemon has a new home! The lemon now lives in Sakasegawa’s tree in his backyard. People are loving the story.

Well, this is what the people want, apparently. Next time you’re out and about, try and see the beauty in the little things like this guy did with this lemon.

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