Instagram Launching New Messaging App: Threads

Instagram’s new standalone app called Threads allows quick image and video messaging to your close friend’s list.

The company is pitching the app to people who want to send pictures and clips of themselves of what’s going on in their day to their friends. Basically, ANOTHER version of SnapChat, but Instagram — following?

A one-on-one messaging app for close friends on Instagram fits very nicely with the vision Mark Zuckerberg unveiled this spring for a privacy-focused version of the internet with private messaging as a centerpiece. Threads also is a direct competitor to what Snapchat has been uniquely successful at, private messaging for young people who want to send photos back and forth all day — something the oversharers of younger generations are particularly fond of.

This is yet again, another attempt for Zuckerberg to take away what Snapchat has built.

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