Indiana Police Department Asks for Shelter Donations in Lieu of Parking Fines

An Indiana police department came up with a creative way to support their local animal shelter in Muncie.

The Muncie Police Department posted to their social media pages announcing that in lieu of paying parking tickets, people could instead pay off their fines by donating pet supplies to Muncie Animal Care and Facilities.

We greatly appreciate everyone that donated supplies this week to the Muncie Animal Care & Services. This room was…

Posted by Muncie Police Department on Friday, July 19, 2019

The two-day donation drive was a major success, and dozens donated to the shelter, even those who did not have outstanding tickets.

The city of Las Vegas also began a similar program that allows people to pay off speeding tickets with school supplies. Vancouver asks residents to pay parking tickets in toy donations around the holidays, while the city of Lexington, Kentucky has people donate canned food during Thanksgiving.

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