Deaf Hiker Almost Plummets 700 Feet to Her Death Until an Unexpected Hero Intervenes

By 1 year ago

For some, the appeal of extreme sports goes beyond pushing their bodies and minds to the limit. People want to test the boundaries of reality… and see just how far they can go. One college was about to learn the dangers of exploring North America’s most perilous landscape…


Amelia Milling was a 21-year-old Tennessee native attending college at the Rochester Institute of Technology in upstate New York. She was always seeking the next thrill. About five years prior, she had discovered a love for hiking. Amelia spent all her free time in the great outdoors, hiking along trails to build her endurance.

Bright Spirit


Amelia’s adventurous spirit was no secret, and her mother had always warned her to stay vigilant, be careful, and take note of her surroundings. “She doesn’t let her deafness slow her down, nor should she,” Amelia’s mother said. The more her daughter’s confidence grew, Amelia challenged herself to venture outside her comfort zone…

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