Questlove’s Impossible Meat Cheesesteaks Will Make Their Debut at Concert and Sports Venues

Vegetarians will now have a new sandwich option when they head to concerts and sporting events.

Roots frontman and proud Philadelphian, Questlove, has introduced a vegetarian version oh the beloved Philly Cheesesteak made with plant-based Impossible 2.0 Meat.

The cheesesteak makes its debut on March 28th at the Philadelphia Phillies home opener at Citizen’s Bank Park. Phillies fans aren’t the only ones who will get to enjoy the Impossible Meat cheesesteak, as it will be introduced to menus at 40 other entertainment venues across the country. The end goal is to continue to expand into other restaurants, venues, and retail locations.

“We first tested out this product at our annual Roots Picnic music festival in Philly in 2018,” Questlove, a Philadelphia native, said in a statement. “Without any forewarning, we offered the cheesesteak in our VIP area, which was mainly populated with friends and family, and no one believed me when I told them the ‘meat’ was not beef, but plant-based.”

The Impossible Burger made headlines as the first plant-based burger that looks, feels, tastes, and even bleeds like real meat. Ingredients include wheat protein, coconut oil, potato protein and heme, a molecule which is responsible for much of the flavor of real meat but which Impossible Foods derives through fermentation.

So, if you’re heading to the ballpark or a concert in the near future, give one of these sandwiches a try—you won’t believe it’s not meat.

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