Doctors Thought Woman Was 30 Weeks Pregnant but the Truth Was Even Crazier

When Kirsty’s coworkers kept asking if she was pregnant, she decided to take matters into her own hands. In the end, she’ll be thankful for their invasive questions…


Kirsty Butler was 22 with a lovely boyfriend, Celern, and a great job. Things were going well for the young woman, and she was feeling great!


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The More You Know

  • There is a fish with transparent bones and white blood.
  • Four times more people speak English as a second language than as a native one.
  • The average person living in Sweden eats about 22 pounds of chocolate a year.
  • The first American woman to go to medical school was admitted as a joke. Geneva Medical School thought it was joke when Elizabeth Blackwell applied to attend 1847. She graduated in 1849, started her own practice, and opened an infirmary for the poor.
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