TikTok Mom Realizes Her New Home's Bathroom Window Offers Up a Show

Neighbors and passersby have been getting a show from the new neighbors in thier bathroom. 

Jill Santom took a video of the outside of her home saying that she felt like people could see her showering through the bathroom window. The window is frosted but still inside of the shower. It's on the side of the house that overlooks the street.


His commitment to “fake showering” is impressive 💀

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Santom wanted to test her theory and document it for TikTok. She had her husband pretend to take a shower with the bathroom lights on at night while she stood on the street. 

Her fears were realized when she could totally see her husband's outline against the bright bathroom light. "His commitment to 'fake showering' is impressive." 


Part2: I didn’t think it was that bad when I originally posted. 😳

♬ Oh No - Kreepa

This made Santom wonder what it looked like during the daytime. This time, she employed her daughter to stand in front of the window. Sadly, it was even worse. "Nighttime showers are definitely better."

To clarify: the Santom's did put up another shower curtain in front of the window when they moved in. She was just curious! 

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