106-Year-Old Woman Sent Truckload of Yuengling After Revealing She Drinks One Can Daily

The oldest brewery in America just gifted the oldest beer drinker in America a truckload of her favorite beer.

David Yuengling began brewing beer in Pottsville, PA after arriving from Germany in 1829. Yuengling Lager, the brewery's classic ale, just so happens to also be Margaret Dilullo's daily drink of choice. 

Margaret is no ordinary beer drinker, though, because she is 106 years old. When the brewing company heard her famously attribute her long life to drinking a can of Yuengling every day, they drove a big truck of the beer straight to Margaret's house. 

The company gifted Margaret with 20 cases of her favorite beer, enough to keep her stocked for the next 480 days. 

“There’s five generations of her family,” said Debbie Yuengling, who works at her family’s business, D.G. Yuengling & Son—just like six generations of Yuenglings have done.

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