Son Photoshops Family Photo that His Dad Hated and Makes it Hilarious

This son made the family portrait even better.

Kyle Scheele gave his father an incredible Christmas gift in 2020. It was a photoshopped image of a family portrait that his father always hated. The photo haunted him for over 30 years. 

@kylescheele This is the best gift idea I’ve ever had. #greenscreen #photoshop #christmas #gift #family #familypictures #funny ♬ original sound - kylescheele

"My dad hates this picture so much because for no discernible reason the photographer only made my dad tilt his head. My dad didn't know that until after the picture was already developed."

In order to help his dad out, he decided to photoshop the picture so that his father's head was straight. He also went on to photoshop everyone else's heads so that they were tilted. 

@kylescheele I’ll put my mom’s laugh against yours any day. #photoshop #dadlean #christmas #gift #part2 ♬ original sound - kylescheele

Scheele posted a part 2 on TikTok showing his parents' reactions, who were pretty much dying laughing.

That's one way to right a wrong! 

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