This Beauty Line Can Help End the Industry's Waste Problem

The beauty industry as an entity generated around 120 billion units of waste per year. A New Zealand-based, luxury green beauty brand founded by Emma Lewisham has launched. Somehow, it has achieved a 100 percent circular business model with a carbon-positive status. 

Lewisham has teamed up with world-renowned environmentalist Dr. Jane Goodall. "Emma Lewisham may be setting a new benchmark in beauty, but they are also setting a benchmark for how all industries should be operating--circular, waste-free, and carbon positive. I wholeheartedly endorse Emma Lewsiham's Beauty Circle and all the systems they have put in place as a business striving to make the world a better place."

This brand is the result of many years of work and research in making sure that they are carbon positive. The packaging is reusable and refillable. "Reuse must always come first," Lewisham notes. 

"Recyclable" is nice, but "reusable" is the goal. They don't want customers to throw something out because they are done with it just to buy a new one. After all, that's still wasteful.

Their biggest goal is to get other brands on board. "None of it matter sunless other brands join us on a circular and carbon positive path... I hope that by sharing our Beauty Blueprint, other brands can capitalize on our innovation and investment to accelerate their transition to a circular and carbon positive model." 

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