Man Hit Co-Worker On Head With a Mallet For Appearing Nude at a Farm

A small town in Singapore is reeling after a man hit his co-worker on the head with a mallet because he kept showing up to work in the buff. 

Saw Paing Soe Thu, 35, was sentenced to jail for a year and one month this week. He pleaded guilty to one count of voluntarily causing harm with a dangerous weapon. Thu and his co-worker, 38-year-old Aung Win Htut, worked on a fish farm together. 

The first time Htut walked around the fish farm nude was sometime earlier this year. Thu saw this and told him not to walk around naked. Htut did this many more times over the course of the next two months. 

On April 9th, Htut emerged from a shower without clothes at 6 pm. He chose not to get changed for the evening, and Thu noticed when Htut walked into the kitchen nude. Thu became angry and scolded his co-worker, but walked away. By 9 pm, Thu had consumed half a bottle of rice wine and was feeling increasingly intoxicated. 

The next time Htut was in Thu's line of sight, Thu felt a blind rage because he was still in the nude. He took a mallet, which is usually used to kill fish, and hit him on the forehead. Htut fell to the ground and began profusely bleeding. He sustained a forehead laceration and a sinus bone fracture. 

Thu was arrested the next day. Htut was hospitalized for a few days and was given sick leave for the next month. This situation is literally right out of Looney Tunes.

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