Hotel in Mississippi is Helping Shelter Pets Find Forever Homes

The Home2 Suites in Biloxi, Mississippi, is really leaning into the holiday spirit. 

Home2 has been hosting adoptable dogs from local shelters at the hotel and pairing them with long-term guests upon requests. Guests are encouraged to foster these adoptable dogs during their stay, and in turn, many of the dogs end up finding their forever homes.

The pups, from the nearby Humane Society of Southern Mississippi, are kept in their kennels in the lobby and all guests have to do is ask the concierge for them to be brought up into their room during their stay. This works particularly well at the Home2 in Biloxi because the hotel frequently hosts long-term military visitors. 

 "They have a lot of transient guests who stay for months at a time near our army and navy bases and that’s just enough time to fall in love with a dog," said Bianca Janik, the shelter's relations manager. 

The "Fostering Hope" program was launched back in October of 2018, and since it began, 33 furry visitors have since been adopted into forever homes. 

This unique initiative has also freed up valuable shelter space, making it possible for the Humane Society to help more homeless pets in the meantime. The hotel hopes that other local businesses will be inspired by their program and will get creative and offer up their space, time, or services to also help pets in need. 

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