Hilarious Wrong Number Texts That Will Make You Laugh Out Loud

By 1 year ago

There's almost nothing worse than realizing you accidentally sent an embarrassing text to the wrong person, or in some cases, a total stranger. 

Have you ever wished you could take back a text you sent? These folks sure do...

But, I Want to Party Too...

This was extremely rude of the "dude," first off. Second, this is for sure a completely faked scenario. No person in their right mind would save the wrong number in their phone as "dude" and expect to know who they are. This is faked 100%, but creative nonetheless. 


Please Take Him From Me

Now, this one is believable. Even if it wasn't the correct number, a joke like this between parents is pretty commonplace in today's style of humor. That, and sometimes parents just really want to set their child free for a little bit, you know, as an experiment. 

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