High School Sweethearts Get Engaged at Chipotle

When Chris Piwinski was planning to propose to long-time girlfriend, Natalie Neach, he reflected on the last 12 years they had spent together and all the places they had been. One place, however, just kept coming to mind.

The place where they went after every school dance, every breakup, and every makeup. The place where they met for various relationship milestones and routine meals. The place? Chipotle in Elk Grove, California.

“We’ve done every type of dinner there. We’ve done pre-homecoming dinners, everything. It’s one of the core foundations of our relationship, like 100 percent,” said Piwinski.

Chipotle was the place, so, he reached out to a brand PR manager who helped him set the whole thing up for a magical dinner after a day of visiting their favorite places, sweet love notes, and wine-tasting. Chipotle even hired a photographer, provided cake and balloons, and even hid the couples friends and family in the pizza shop next door to surprise Neach post question-popping.

Instead of hiding the ring in her favorite chicken burrito bowl, he passed her a note letting her know he was going to propose and knelt down on one knee to ask her to spend forever with him, to the tune of Ed Sheeran’s “Kiss Me.”

When asked if she would have Chipotle cater the wedding, Neach didn’t say no. “I love Chipotle dearly, I don’t know about catering the whole wedding, but I’m totally down to have a chips and guac or salsa bar,” she said.

Congrats to the happy couple and may their relationship be as beautiful as the moment you walk into a Chipotle and there’s no line.

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