Here’s Where You Can See The Game of Thrones Cast in Other Roles

The Game of Thrones series has a robust cast list, all of whom have impressive filmographies attached to their names. If you’ve just finished the last season of GOT but aren’t ready to let go of the characters yet, here’s where you can find the actors in other roles.

Peter Dinklage

Most recently known for his run as Tyrion Lannister, Dinklage has been in more recognizable roles than you think. He’s played parts in everything from TV movies to holiday films.


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The More You Know

  • Phil Harris of Deadliest Catch was the first person to die on a reality TV show; he suffered a stroke on his crab-fishing boat while filming.
  • The moon landing tapes have all been lost
  • The Cosby Show: Sondra was almost played by Whitney Houston instead of Sabrina Le Beauf...but she turned down the role to pursue music.
  • The West Wing: The longest "walk and talk" scene the show ever shot was three minutes long, took half the night to shoot, and involved around 500 extras.
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