Here Are The Top Hair Trends For Next Year

Fashion Week is always a great way to spot what the future trends will be. There were some common denominators on each runway, which is a great way to tell what to look for. The runways of today are most likely predicting what will be trendy in Spring 2022.

For starters, tons of models were sporting clips of all kinds. Wearing a hair clip might bring you back to fourth grade, but they're slowly becoming trendy. Some models had one huge clip while others had a head full of clips. You can find your middleman. 

Another trend that was spotted was a nice, low bun. Even the most casual designers had their models sporting a professional low bun. Add some clips to your low bun and it's the ultimate trend!

Many models were styled with sleek, long hair. It seems that a straightening iron was a popular tool during Fashion Week. Naturally, the middle part is also featured. It seems like they're going nowhere.

Lastly, for accessories, headscarves are another popular trend that was seen all over the runway. This isn't exactly new, we've seen this in last season's runway as well. Now's the time to get creative with them!

What trends are you trying out next season?

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