Harry Potter Stars Have Different Opinions on Getting Older

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Tom Felton starred as the vicious Draco Malfoy in the iconic Harry Potter franchise. For several years, multiple movies, and countless appearances, Felton reprised the role of Potter’s arch-nemesis. Today though, he lives in London with his dog Willow and is focusing on music.

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Home sweet home

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Similarly, Neville Longbottom aka Matthew Lewis was a former Harry Potter cast member. Neville was Harry’s friend, albeit less core to the group as Hermione and Ron. More often than not, Longbottom was the picked-on comedic relief outside of the group. He now lives with his wife and dogs in London.

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Only my wife is enjoying this. Happy Xmas. X

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Neville might be best known for creating the phenomenon of “Longbottoming”. This means, like Neville Longbottom, you grew up to be way better looking than you were as a kid! Tom Felton and Matt Lewis poked fun at this with their most recent Instagram exchange.

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Agings a bitch

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Despite the caption, Lewis begs to disagree.

That being said, neither of these leading men look bad at all! I’d say they both successfully Longbottomed, maybe one just did it a little better than the other!

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