Grammy Nominee, Bebe Rexha, Calls out Designers for Refusal to Dress Her for Awards Show

Pop singer Bebe Rexha snagged a Grammy nomination and, thus, began her search for the perfect custom dress to wear on the red carpet.

Unfortunately, the fashion world is a bit critical and narrow-minded. 

Bebe’s team was told by a number of designers that they wouldn’t dress her because she was “too big.”

Bebe wasted no time calling out the shameful situation on Instagram and Twitter.

Fans of Bebe and her team came to her side. Rexha, who is a size 6/8 in dresses was appalled that a designer wouldn’t dress her, or anyone for that matter, over their size, especially when her size is totally standard.

Then, two Project Runway contestants came to her rescue, offering to lend their skills to dressing Bebe for the big night.

Size discrimination is so last year.

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