Good News: Chipotle’s Adding More “Chipotlanes”

Chipotle is now expanding its use of drive-thru lanes referred to as “Chipotlanes.”

There’s a catch, though—you can’t order at the window, you must order in advance on the Chipotle website or app. So, unfortunately, a spur-of-the-moment Chipotle drive-thru stop isn’t in the cards just yet.

Chipotle CEO Brian Niccol shared that the chain plans to open a few dozen more Chipotlanes this year, primarily at new store locations. With 140-155 new locations opening this year, this shouldn’t be a difficult task.

Instead of your standard order-on-the-spot drive-thru lane, these lanes will serve customers who order in advance so they can pick up their order without leaving their cars.

This isn’t the only way to get your Chipotle fix on the go, though, as Chipotle has recently partnered with DoorDash delivery service and offers in-store pickups of online orders.

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