Go Higher With these Hilarious Birthday Candles

By 1 year ago

Happy birthday to stoners everywhere! A company known as BirthJays has dedicated themselves to the marijuana experience in a very big way, or should I say, very big Jay. The candle substitute can also be used as a joint, making it way more fun than any candle or cake topper.

The joints are empty joint cones that the user fills themselves. Then, it’s placed on a stake in the cake. A tiny candle will then be placed on top of the joint for the celebrations and singing, but after that, it’s time to puff-puff-party!


Each pack comes with five joints, similar in appearance to normal birthday candles. They have alternating colors and designs for maximum party puffing. You can buy these in Colorado or online. As they say at BirthJays, “Make adult birthday parties fun again[…] we won’t stop until we do.”

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