The Untold Truth About 'Gilligan's Island'

Dawn Wells told Forbes, "You know, many vets from Vietnam have said that Mary Ann kept them going, helping them make it through, kept them positive and focused on returning safely. They kept my picture in their helmets. I have the utmost respect for what it takes to be one of America's finest, and am very thankful for what they do."


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The More You Know

  • The word “friends” is said in every episode of Friends.
  • Jerry Seinfeld refused to do a 10th season of his incredibly popular sitcom, turning down an offered $5 million per episode. He wanted the show to go out on a high note.
  • The Sopranos was an influential show in many regards, one of which was its popularization of the "anti-hero." In the episode "College," Tony murders an enemy on-screen and ushers in a new age of glorifying villains.
  • The producers of The X-Files originally wanted Pamela Anderson for the role of Dana Scully.
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