Giant Pig on the Loose Gets Lured Home with Doritos

San Bernardino County had a porky criminal on the loose. The nearest officer was dispatched to take care of the bandit, but was completely stumped on how to even handle it! It’s not every day you have to wrangle in a pig “the size of a mini-horse” back to it’s home.

The officer on duty decided to sacrifice her snack to gain the pigs’ trust and lure it home. This pig pretty much fit the stereotype and eagerly accepted the snack.

The two deputies in charge of the bringing the runaway home, Ponce and Berg, had apparently gotten calls about this pig before and knew where he lived. Luckily, his farm was just around the corner and they were able to bring him home with a belly full of Dorito’s.

Let this be a lesson to all officers: keep a snack handy, you never know when you’ll need it!


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