G-Rated Actors In R-Rated Roles

A G-Rated actor is classified as either a child or an innocent actor who has not taken any R-Rated projects yet. Almost all actors take on roles outside their comfort zone and fit one or both of those descriptions. Most actors take risks, regardless of whether they are transitioning into adult roles or playing villains for the first time. These are actors who specifically take roles outside of their comfort zones, even if it is playing the villain instead of the hero.


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The More You Know

  • The Lion King was originally known as King of the Jungle until someone at Disney finally remembered that lions don’t actually live in jungles.
  • The Dark Knight made more money in its first six days in the US than Batman Begins made in its entire domestic run.
  • Each frame of the CGI scenes in James Cameron’s, Avatar (1/24 of a second) took an average of 47 hours to render.
  • In Home Alone, Buzz's girlfriend is actually a boy in a wig. The director thought it would be too mean to ask a girl to be in the film this way.
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