People Who Deeply Regret Their Online Purchases

Nowadays, a lot of products are bought online. Usually, everything goes smoothly. You buy the product, they deliver the product, you get the product. Sometimes, it's not so simple. People have tried to buy cheap prom dresses or designer shoes online and end up getting some of the worst products imaginable! 

Not Even Close

Tragically, this girl fell victim to the fast-fashion brands that love to scam buyers. The "jean" material was just loose fabric that mimicked denim. It looks like whoever made this stole the lace from their grandmother's curtains!


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The More You Know

  • M&M stands for Mars and Murrie.
  • The horse on the Wyoming license plate is named Steamboat.
  • Chihuahuas have the biggest brains in the canine world.
  • A man sued Pepsi claiming he found a mouse in his Mountain Dew. Pepsi attorneys stated that Mountain Dew will dissolve a mouse in 30 days, and showed his can was purchased 74 days after being manufactured.
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