French Nude Restaurant Is Closing Its Doors Because Apparently Nobody Wants to Dine Naked in Public

While France offers an estimated 4600 locations where public nudity is permitted, they will soon have one less on their hands. O’Naturel, a nudist restaurant in Paris, is closing up shop after a year in business due to a lack of business.

With France boasting a reported 2.7 million naturalist population, it’s pretty surprising that the only nudist restaurant in Paris is closing.

O’Naturel is reportedly closing in February. The restaurant owners, Mike and Stéphane Saada, thanked diners for having participated in their unconventional restaurant experience. “We will only remember the good times, meeting beautiful people and customers who were delighted to share exceptional moments,” they said.

The Saadas themselves are actually not nudists. In fact, they’re twin brothers. They opened O’Naturel in November 2017 under strict guidelines: all diners had to be nude, with the exemption of teenagers accompanied by parents. Waiters and kitchen staff were required to place all phones and cameras in a locked charging area.

“For many locals, menu prices were the reason they didn’t go to the restaurant. For the quality of food served, it wasn’t expensive but for most Parisians, it was out of their budget as a regular haunt,” said Laurent Luft, president of ANP. “Many people went once and even if they were thrilled with the meal and service, they couldn’t afford to return.”

O’Naturel has invited its fans to “enjoy a last naked dinner” in Paris and will be accepting reservations through its final day.

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