France Becomes First Country to Launch Digital Health Pass for Travel

As of this week, France has become the first European country to start trialing the digital health pass in an attempt to restart international travel.

The health pass is currently being trialed on flights to Corsica, a French territory in the Mediterranean. It is anticipated that the health pass will then be expanded to include vaccination certificates on April 29.

Eventually, the pass will be extended to other international flights, as well as festivals and concerts—but not for bars and restaurants.

French President Emmanuel Macron has stated that he wishes to ease travel restrictions on international ravel in time for summer, including for vaccinated Americans. Macron says the plan is to "progressively lift the restrictions."

From this point forward, anyone who gets a COVID-19 test in France will receive an email or text message with access to a state-certified online document that can either be printed or stored in the TousAntiCovid app; the same will occur for those who are vaccinated as of next week.

After an individual clicks the link, the app generates a secure QR code.

France isn't the only country trialing a system like this. Denmark began testing out its own health pass last week, Coronapas, for access to non-essential businesses like hairdressers. As of May 6, the pass will extend to businesses like restaurants, museums, and movie theaters.

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