Four-Year-Old Learns Piano in Lockdown and Wins Prestigious Competition

Brigitte Xie has a natural-born talent for music. The four-year-old began playing the piano just a year ago in lockdown, and can already read music and play a note-perfect rendition of Beethoven's Sonatina in F Major. 

Xie won the Elite National Music Competition in December and in March she won the top honor at the American Protégé International Competition, but she is unable to take part in her grand prize...

Winning the competitions earned her invitations to play at the famed Carnegie Hall in NYC this November, but there's just one small issue... she's too young to be vaccinated. Carnegie Hall is requiring all performers be vaccinated against COVID-19, so the mini protégé will be given another chance to play there in 2022. 

Brigitte's mother, Nicole, is also a pianist, and so during lockdowns, she decided to introduce her daughter to the piano to keep her entertained. And even though the preschooler is showing tremendous talent, her mom isn't going to push her.

"As a parent, I’m still open to everything, I don’t tell her that she must be a pianist. Whatever she wants to be is fine."

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