Former MLB Player Who Lost Eye in Suicide Attempt Makes Minor League Team

One month after the pandemic began, former MLB player Drew Robinson tried to take his own life—but the attempt went awry, and thankfully, Drew survived.

The baseball player posted a message of gratitude on his Instagram, marveling at just how far he's come since that fateful day one year ago. "I'm officially a one-eyed professional baseball player," he wrote. "I'm lucky enough to say that I've made the Giants Triple-A roster for the Sacramento Rivercats."

Robinson, who plays outfield, was not sure if he would ever be able to play professional baseball again after the incident last April.

"I kind of started baseball again hesitantly and worked hard just to see what could happen," he continued. "Plenty of times I went down the road of not thinking it was possible and that I was wasting my time."

Fortunately, Robinson persevered, and now he's "getting ready to play another professional season, with an astronomical amount of meaning attached to it."

Robinson was in spring training with the Giants last year before the pandemic caused the sport to shut down entirely. Robinson now believes that he should share his story to help others suffering from depression.

"How can I go through this and not find a way to try to help other people or impact other people's lives?" Robinson said. "Just have this happen and just move on with my life the way I was before? There's no way. This was a huge sign. A huge, painful sign that I'm supposed to help people get through something that they don't think is winnable."

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