Disney Parks Begin Offering Valentines Day Inspired Treats

Ready for the sweetest time of the year? Disney Parks sure are!

This year, Disney will be offering three brand-new sweet treats for park guests. They really nailed it this time!

Gorgeous Grey Stuff

This is a Beauty and the Beast-inspired Valentines Day treat! The "grey stuff" is actually cookies and cream mousse. It sits on a red shortbread cookie and red velvet cake. It also has raspberry inside and is topped off with heart sprinkles.

Sour Cherry Pretzel and Churros

The Sour Cherry Pretzel is a brand new cream cheese-filled soft pretzel that is dusted with sour cherry sugar. The churro, on the other hand, is a favorite park treat that's also topped with the same sour cherry sugar. They are both available in Tomorrowland. 

Dole Whip Chocolate and Strawberry

This fancy-looking treat is simply a chocolate soft-serve ice cream swirled with strawberry Dole Whip. It even gets a chocolate-covered strawberry to top it off with the same Valentine sprinkles!

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