Fishermen Discover Unknown Sea Creature While Fishing in the East China Sea

By 1 year ago

The ocean is full of mysteries–from sunken ships to the deep sea creature that can create their own sources of light, there are quite a few things most people wouldn’t want to encounter in the depths of the sea.

Two fishermen off the coast of China had one such encounter that they wished they could undo…

Urban Legend

The city of Zhoushan lies in northeastern China. While Zhoushan was originally a small, quaint village, it has since grown into a bustling fishing town, partially because of a wild urban legend that kept the fishermen coming back for more…

Strange Creature


Throughout the years, many fishermen had reported seeing a strange creature lurking beneath the surface near their boats. While most had been unconfirmed, recently, two fishermen finally caught the creature on-camera…

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