FIFA Bans Chelsea from Signing New Players in Next Two Transfer Windows

FIFA is laying down the law.

After the Premier League club was found guilty of breaching the rules, FIFA has banned Chelsea from signing on any new players during the next two transfer windows

In a statement, FIFA cites that Chelsea has been fined 600,000 Swiss Francs and granted a period of 90 days to “regularize the situation.” The ban was applied because it was discovered that Chelsea had been disregarding rules when it came to overseas players under the age of 18.

Investigations revealed that Chelsea was responsible for the breaching the rules in the case of 29 minor players.

Chelsea does intend to appeal the ban. By contesting it they could delay the sanction and operate freely in the close season transfer. The matter could also end up in the Court of Arbitration, but as of now, the outcome remains to be seen.

Perhaps the Chelsea squad is turning over a new leaf.

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