Festival Marketed to Rich Millennials Turns out to Be a Horrifying Scam for Millions of Dollars

Fyre Festival is probably a phrase that stirs deep in people’s memory. Last year, the disastrous music festival to promote a celebrity booking app turned into one of the most horrifying events in music and entertainment history. Billy McFarland was the sole mastermind behind this scam that stranded thousands of kids in the Bahama’s and left millions of dollars of uncollected paychecks in his wake. But, just how did he pull it off? And how did nobody notice this disaster happening as it was unfolding? Apparently, the allure of a $100 thousand dollar-a-ticket music festival was just too good for some people to pass up.

Coolest Festival Ever?

Fyre Festival was supposed to be one of the coolest, most exciting festivals ever. Social media influencers and A-List celebrities were flocking to get tickets and luxury VIP suits for the event.  This event seemed too good to be true with legendary bands performing in the Bahamas, a private and all-exclusive beach fitted with private villas… Unfortunately, festival-goers learned that it truly was too good to be true…


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The More You Know

  • A pack of chihuahuas once terrorized a town in Arizona.
  • Garfield used to own G-Mail.
  • A man sued Pepsi claiming he found a mouse in his Mountain Dew. Pepsi attorneys stated that Mountain Dew will dissolve a mouse in 30 days, and showed his can was purchased 74 days after being manufactured.
  • A newborn baby is more than 3/4 water.
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