Fantasy Pedestrian Bridge Opens in Vietnam, You Won’t Believe It’s Beauty

A brand new tourism spot in Vietnam has opened up and it’s taken everyone by surprise! Set above the Ba Na hills, the bridge is seen being ‘held up’ by two beautifully crafted hands. It almost looks like a mythical stone creature is holding it!

In recent times, Vietnam has been experiencing a tourism boom as foreigners travel the beautiful countryside. The bridge cost the country about $2 billion to build, and they are expecting to see a return as it will attract tourism to that specific area. So far, so good!

It took about a year to craft (shockingly short time!) and has been popping ever since. It’s nearly 1,400 meters above sea level, so you’ll have to get over your fear of heights for this experience.

The best thing is the hands: they aren’t even made of stone! The hands are actually made of steel meshes that are made to look like stone. They’ve also lined the walkway with purple Lobelia Chrysanthemums for the nearly 1.5 million visitors the country is expecting. They’re prepared!

This spot makes for a wonderful photo-op as it looks over the incredible rolling hills of Vietnam. If you’re out and about, this is a must-see spot!

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