Famous Movies That Have Been Banned All Over the World

By 10 months ago

There are numerous reasons why a movie could get banned anywhere. While most of these banned films have historical, political, and religious contexts that challenge the status quo, some are just extraordinarily violent.

We've collected a list of films that have been banned around the world, and some of them might really surprise you...

The Wolf of Wall Street

Martin Scorsese had a lot to say in this ceremoniously loved and equally hated film that came out in 2013. The Wolf of Wall Street follows a young stockbroker (played by Leonardo DiCaprio) who hits it big and loses his mind-blowing his newfound wealth. Scorsese packed this one full of drugs, sex, and partying, but he didn't lay off the corporate fat-cats who actually live and act this way in real life.

Cover Your Eyes!!


This movie was banned in Malaysia, Nepal, Zimbabwe, and Kenya due to its graphic imagery. Listen, we don't condone drug use, violence, or money laundering, but we think that these countries could have used their time a bit wiser when they passed legislation to ban this movie. That being said, this one isn't for the kids. 

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